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Since 1974, the name Solupharm represents high-quality and responsible contract manufacturing of sterile preparations in glass ampoules and glass vials. Our new building in Melsungen, in the centre of Germany, is one of the most modern production facilities in Europe.

Many years of experience, efficiency and professionalism make our family-owned company a strong and reliable partner for national and international customers.

Your Partner for Parenterals. Parenterals!

Solupharm at a Glance

Vision Human
Aware of our Responsibility.

The management of Solupharm Pharmazeutische Erzeugnisse GmbH:
Dr Jürgen Gäb as Pharmaceutical Director (left),
Thomas Zimmermann as Commercial Director (centre) and
Managing Director Friedemann Seitz (right).

Our Mission Statement

Since 1974, Solupharm is a successful contract manufacturer of Parenterals. We manufacture sterile medicinal products in glass ampoules and glass vials at our modern site in Melsungen in the centre of Germany.

Our History

Solupharm emerged from the Aesculap pharmacy in Melsungen, which is still in family hands today. At the end of the 1960s, the Aesculap pharmacy was already producing sterile medicines for a well-known hospital supplier in Melsungen.

Solupharm as your Employer

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For us, VISION PEOPLE also means that our employees take centre stage. We at Solupharm are a family-run company – familiar, appreciative, flexible and open.

A modern company with clear structures that still leave room for flat hierarchies. At Solupharm, the doors are open – whether for dialogue, criticism, questions or suggestions.


„At the end of it, there is always a human life”

As one of the leading companies in contract manufacturing for parenterals, we bear a lot of responsibility, master challenges and always work dynamically as a team.
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The Short Line to Solupharm

Question, suggestion, application, order? No matter what your request is, don’t search long for your contact person and simply write to us! Quick, uncomplicated and direct. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Attentive, Analytical, Meticulous

The production of medicinal products requires the highest quality standards in order to guarantee safety and efficacy for patients. Comprehensive testing of all starting materials, intermediate stages and of the final product is essential. To fulfil the trust that patients and customers place in us, a motivated and highly qualified team works in the area of quality control.

Thematically divided into the areas of chemical-physical, microbiological and chromatographic analysis, as well as in-process control, which is carried out directly in the clean room. Using the latest analytical equipment, individual parameters are checked for conformity with specifications as soon as the batch is produced. Once production is complete, a comprehensive release test is carried out in the final inspection laboratory, where each product is tested for conformity to specification using validated analysis procedures. All results are fully documented and can be traced back to the point of acquisition. Accuracy coupled with the highest level of expertise are part of the mission statement in this area.

Efficient, Flexible, Competent

„Your products safely in our hands“ – The manufacture of sterile medicinal products in accordance with international guidelines on state-of-the-art filling and ventilation systems is the basis for providing our customers with sterile, pyrogen-free and particle-free products.

As an expert in liquid sterile pharmaceuticals, we manufacture your customised products to the highest quality standards and thus make a decisive contribution to ensuring that patients are reliably supplied with the medicines they need. Our broad product portfolio includes both aseptically manufactured and terminally sterilised preparations, such as water for injections, electrolyte solutions, herbal or homeopathic remedies, painkillers and sterile anaesthetics. All these products are filled on our modern filling machines in glass ampoules from 1 ml to 25 ml or in glass vials from 2 ml to 250 ml.

Our high sense of responsibility, highly trained and experienced employees, as well as our own demand for constantly optimised processes, make us a conscientious and reliable partner for the manufacture and filling of your products.

Individualised, Variable, Safe

„Make your customer happy“. This company motto also comes to life in our packaging area. As a contract manufacturer, we fulfil your individual customer wishes. From optically inspected unlabelled bulk goods to partially assembled semi-finished goods to final product according to your corporate design, we offer you individual and customised solutions.

Our packaging staff fulfil high hygiene and GMP standards. Visual inspection is an integral part of the quality assurance concept. State-of-the-art, fully automated inspection machines ensure product quality through a 100% inspection of the finished containers. In addition to automatic inspection, our employees are also trained to recognise possible defects. The combination of human and machine achieves the best possible result in terms of the specified quality parameters.

High-precision labelling and packaging machines allow the optically inspected containers to be securely labelled and packaged. The packaging is perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements. In addition to unlabelled bulk goods, they include all standard packaging variants such as single folding boxes, multi-folding boxes or other customer-specific packaging. Using the latest serialisation and aggregation stations, we meet the track-and-trace requirements of individual countries and can flexibly guarantee the various requirements of international markets.

Expertise, Continuity, Transparency

A common thread of conscientiousness and transparency runs through all processes at Solupharm and culminates in a convincing quality assurance system. This system has proven to be a guarantee for our success over decades of experience with numerous successful customer audits and international GMP inspections. Supported by experienced employees, this success has contributed significantly to our development in recent years. The high level of customer satisfaction is the basis of our success.

Fast, Automatic, Reliable

Solupharm also utilises the latest technology and state-of-the-art tools in the area of logistics in order to achieve a high level of safety for customers and employees.

The warehouse offers storage facilities for all packaging materials and raw materials, intermediate storage goods and finished products. In addition to the regular storage facilities, we also have areas for anaesthetics, refrigerated goods and fuels.

State-of-the-art and fully automated storage areas ensure seamless tracking and careful storage and retrieval of the manufactured goods.

Maintaining, Renewing, Developing

Our technology is the basis for the high-quality and safe manufacture of our products.

The central maintenance department looks after the building’s technology and provides almost all the media required in the company, from ventilation to pharmaceutical water qualities.

As an internal service provider for production, the technical department ensures the needs-based procurement and effective maintenance of production equipment. It ensures the high availability of our machines through regular inspection and maintenance.

It also carries out qualification activities, procurement and modification projects. Finally, it is an indispensable partner for the production departments in the development of innovative and customised technical solutions. This includes, for example, the design of new testing machines and future-oriented automation concepts, always in line with current regulations and GMP requirements. This makes engineering an essential link between our suppliers and the specialised departments.

We are your Partner for Parenterals.

More about our Mission Statement

Since 1974, Solupharm is a successful contract manufacturer of Parenterals. We manufacture sterile medicinal products in glass ampoules and glass vials at our modern site in Melsungen in the centre of Germany.

Times are changing and we are changing with them.

We are constantly developing Solupharm – true to the philosophy: „Times are changing and we are changing with them“.

For Friedemann Seitz and his employees, Solupharm is not just a company, but a passion, which is greatly appreciated by our national and international customers.

Make your customer happy

Customer orders are handled individually, unbureaucratically and, of course, in accordance with GMP standards. Values such as loyalty, professionalism and reliability in contact with our customers are paramount. The company mantra we live by is „Make your customer happy“.

Flat hierarchies and shared values.

The highest standards and special values are practised in the company and are also reflected in employee management. Solupharm is a family that tackles problems together and creates solutions together.

Vision Mission 2029 – Living Values. Leading Markets.

We have formulated continuous development under the highest safety requirements in our Mission 2029 vision. We plan to double our turnover by 2029. The new building in Melsungen will enable us to increase our annual filling capacity to 300 million ampoules and 40 million vials.

From a pharmacy to one of the leading contract manufacturers for Parenterals.

Solupharm emerged from the Aesculap pharmacy in Melsungen, which is still in family hands today. At the end of the 1960s, the Aesculap pharmacy was already producing sterile medicines for a well-known hospital supplier in Melsungen.
Dr Hans-Jürgen Kümmell, the founder of both the pharmacy and the company Solupharm, pursued the idea of filling sterile medicines in glass ampoules and glass vials from the very beginning. To this day, Solupharm has remained true to this basic idea of working as a contract manufacturer of sterile medicines for other pharmaceutical companies. „It’s a challenging niche that we can fill perfectly,“ explains son-in-law Friedemann Seitz. He is the second generation of the family to run the company as Managing Director, together with Dr Jürgen Gäb as Pharmaceutical Director and Thomas Zimmermann as Commercial Director.
In 2005, the company moved from the romantic half-timbered idyll of the old building to a modern new building on a greenfield site just outside Melsungen, which was built to meet the special needs of a contract manufacturer for sterile pharmaceuticals. Over the years, Solupharm has developed into one of Europe’s leading contract manufacturers for Parenterals with over five hundred employees who today serve business partners worldwide.
„We are still a family business through and through“ says Friedemann Seitz, who regards all employees as members of the family. „Alongside state-of-the-art technical equipment and GMP compliance, people are the most important success factors,“ he explains. „Despite its size, the atmosphere in our company is familiar and characterised by cooperation at eye level – a philosophy that we feel every day.“ „For me, Solupharm is the realisation of a dream,“ he concludes.

The greatest goal is the continuous further development of the company at all levels.  Visible proof of this is the current expansion of production, which is set to double the current capacity of 175 million filled ampoules and 30 million vials.