Tips & instructions

Digital application

Digital data transmission makes the application procedure faster and more efficient for all concerned. We therefore recommend that you use the online application option.
Please send us your applications by e-mail.

Application documents

Please make sure that your statements and documents are complete.
This increases the chance of your application being successful.

Please send the following documents as digital attachment to your online application:

+ a covering letter stating your desired field of work, possible date of entry (in case of a practical: the desired period) and your special and personal interests; we would also like to know why you would like to join us and reinforce our team.

+ a curriculum vitae in tabular form stating – besides your education to date and practical professional experience, if any – your specialist know-how and any additional skills or knowledge (foreign languages, computer skills, driving licence etc.)

+ copies of all certificates (final school-leaving certificate, certificate of professional education Testimonials of previous employers, for students: Bachelor certificate Masters certificate (and/or current grades), practical work experience or internships to date,

+ further education and training certificates, seminar attendance certificates.

The following documents are mandatory in case of applications for vocational training:

+ Curriculum vitae in tabular form

+ last three school certificates of general school

Please make sure that you only submit good-quality documents in one of the data formats only:

doc. .rtf. .pdf, jpg/jpeg or gif. The total size of all enclosures must not exceed 5 MB.

Amendment of personal data

Should your e-mail address, personal or marital status or other personal data change in the course of time, please send us an update by e-mail.

What happens when I have submitted my application?

You will very quickly be given confirmation that your application has been received. Following the selection procedure, all suitable applicants will be invited to an interview. Upon conclusion of the selection procedure, all other applicants will be informed about their final status. If you submit an unsolicited application, we will give you regular updates on the current status of your application.

Preparing for the interview

The idea of the interview is to help us to get you know you better – and vice versa. Find out whether you will fit in here and whether you can envisage identifying with our company culture and our values. Of course, it will not do any harm to prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview by finding out something about our company beforehand.

We wish you every success!